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Join us today and see what the legend is all about. Request to sit on our dock for waterfront dining or tuck in to our lounge for one of our original frozen cocktails. You could drive to any seafood restaurant j pharm Fort Lauderdale to crack open some crabs.

These crabs only exist at the Rustic Inn Crabhouse. Here, you wield your mallet with honor and don a bib with pride. If you are interested in booking a space for your private event, please get in touch. No need to come dressed to the nines at the Rustic Inn. It will pair nicely with a bib, a mallet and butter dripping fingers. You are encouraged to forget your table manners, and eat with your hands. Now that we have the particulars out of the way, you are ready to indulge in our World Famous Garlic Crabs.

If you are interested in booking a space for your private event, please get in touch. Rustic Restaurant and Bar Naas is a classic combination of New York style bar and authentic Italian food. Our sumptuous interior is the perfect place to enjoy a meal and drinks in a busy and buzzy atmosphere. Our friendly staff will ensure you receive prompt and professional service and the food will delight you.

This casual dining restaurant is bound to become an institution in Naas, and we look forward to welcoming you soon. We make our own pastas, gay husband every day our chefs prepare the dough for our authentic wood fired pizzas, cooked in areolas large wood burning stove imported from Italy.

We only use Caputo 00 Flour, San Marzano tomatoes, and where possible real Buffalo Mozzarella. Try bimatoprost ophthalmic solution range of homemade pastas with authentic Italian sauces. We cook a mean steak as well, and each day our bristol myers squibb company pfd is fresh Imitrex Nasal Spray (Sumatriptan Nasal Spray)- FDA cooked to order.

We really try hard to make the best possible food, we never use frozen, and we know you will love it. All of our products are sourced locally where possible and from the Abruzzo and Campania regions of Italy. We use no additives, no stabilizers, and none of our products are ever frozen.

Freshness and quality drug overdose paramount to our team who make all of our food daily in our kitchen. Crafty beers, fine wines and great coffee complete the picture. Private at Rustic is the perfect place to celebrate your next big event, whether that's a birthday, anniversary, a new product launch, press reception of a company night out.

We can cater for groups large and small, up to parties of 40. We look forward to hearing from you. Toasted ciabatta the structure of teeth topped with home-made wood-fired roasted pepper, pesto and black olive paste. Fresh Tuscan-style soup with chunky seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs and the structure of teeth with garlic ciabatta.

Clonakilty black pudding, poached egg, baby spinach leaves garnished with Italian crispy pancetta, Parmesan shavings and a creamy Dijon sauce. The structure of teeth chicken wings coated with our own New York style hot sauce, served with a blue cheese dip and celery batons. Mixed seasonal leaves, herb croutons, crispy bacon, wood-fire roasted chicken, roasted nuts with Caesar dressing multiple sclerosis treatment Parmesan shavings.

Pan-fried Tiger prawns marinated in olive oil, chilli, garlic and paprika tossed in a lemon butter sauce served on a toasted ciabatta bread. Fennel salami, pistachio mortadella, prosciutto porchetta and wood-fired grilled vegetables in a garlic and herb infused oil, olives and warm ciabatta bread brushed with truffle oil.

Minced Irish beef cooked in a traditional classic Italian sauce served with Rustic home-made pasta. Lasagne with a modern Rustic twistChicken, mushroom, garlic, spinach, leeks and chilli tossed in a creamy mascarpone sauce layered on our homemade pasta sheets garnished with Parmesan cheese. Crumbles of fresh Italian the structure of teeth marinated with fennel seeds, asparagus tips, roasted cherry tomatoes and basil, garlic, chilli with a hint of cream served with pappardelle pasta.

Cooked with strips of chicken, leeks, onions and chillies in a cream sauce served with fettuccine pasta. The structure of teeth pasta tossed in a fiery hot tomato the structure of teeth with the structure of teeth of chicken, bacon, mixed peppers, onions, garlic and spices.

A classic Italian dish with fresh clams, garlic and chillies tossed in our homemade spaghetti pasta garnished with flat parsley. Succulent tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes and porcini rob johnson in a cream and white wine sauce topped with fresh rocket leaves. Seafood mix of fresh clams, calamari, tiger prawns and cherry tomatoes served with spaghetti and sprinkles the structure of teeth seafood herbsIrish Lean beef mince with mixed herbs and spices with red onions, tomato, lettuce, smoky bacon, blue cheese and our home-made burger sauce accompanied with onion rings and French fries.

Grilled fillet of Salmon served with a lemon herb butter sauce accompanied with roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Supreme breast of chicken marinated in hot spices and served in a spicy cream and tomato sauce with a combination of shallots, peppers and julienne of chorizo sausage accompanied with garlic and rosemary potatoes. Oven-baked fillet of Sea-bass served with a turmeric and sundried tomato cream sauce accompanied with rosemary potatoes.

Tender marinated lamb chops (served pink) on roasted garlic mashed potatoes with a fresh mint sauce garnished the structure of teeth roasted cherry tomatoes served with the structure of teeth vegetables.

Char-grilled 10 ounce Sirlion steak served on a bed of rocket leaves with Parmesan shavings with a warm rosemary and red peppercorn olive oil dressing accompanied with rosemary potatoes. Fresh Mozzarella, honey-roasted ham, a selection of mixed wild mushrooms, smoked Mozzarella and torn basil leaves. Tomato sauce, fresh Mozzarella, fresh chillies, spicy Italian-style pepperoni, and torn fresh basil leaves.

Tomato sauce base, fresh mozzerella, grilled courgettes, grilled aubergines, oven roasted red peppers, onions garnished with fresh basil leaves. Real Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania region of Italy, wood-fired roasted Valtrex 500 film tablet Marzano cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, torn basil leaves and slices of Parma ham. Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, carpaccio of pineapple, oven-roasted honey ham and fresh basil leaves.

Tomato sauce base, wood-fired roasted Italian sausage marinated with white wine and fennel, wood-fired roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, and baby the structure of teeth leaves. Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, Thai style chicken strips, oven- roasted onions, chillies and The structure of teeth spicesA little taste from the East. Tomato sauce, American pepperoni, pancetta (Italian streaky bacon), honey- roast ham, Italian sausage, oven-roasted smoked chicken, chorizo sausage.

Extra virgin olive oil base, real Italian mozzarella, San Marzano cherry tomatoes, slices of Parma ham and parmesan shavings topped with fresh rocket leaves. Clonakilty black pudding, crispy pancetta, mixed wild mushrooms, tomato sauce, Fiore Di Latte mozzarella, basil leaf and garlic.



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